Ready for Action?

Dell and World of Tanks brings you this unique opportunity to start your tank adventure with a special booster pack.

Reedem your Game Invite and Bonus code and enjoy your new Dell PC with adrenalin rush of the World of Tanks game.

Redeem your codes

We recommend that you enter your email so you can save your codes. Once codes are claimed it will be impossible to redeem them again with the same Service Tag number!

Your codes are ready!

Your Game Invite Code

Start your game with this code and receive: T-127 premium tank, 1 slot, 7 premium days, 10 Large First Aid Kit, 10 Large Repair Kit and 10 Automatic Fire Extinguisher. Copy the code and click here to use it.

Your Bonus Code

Use this bonus code on your WoT account and receive: Tier VII Tank rental + 15 boosters 100% Experience for 1h. Copy the code and click here to use it.